At Little Dreams, we pride ourselves on the belief of the practice in Equal Opportunities, this means that we respect and teach respect to all children regardless of ethnicity, culture, ability, learning difficulties or gender. All children should have the same opportunity to experience an enjoyable yet challenging programme of learning and development which should go hand in hand with quality care and attention. 

We promote cultural awareness through music, language, games, food and clothing and we celebrate a variety of cultural festivals. We know there are many different ways of seeing the huge range of cultures and we want our children to enjoy the diversity of the world.

Our values and principles are part of the unique relationship that unites the Little Dreams Day Nursery ethos. Our colleagues and members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others. These values are even more important in childcare, they are closely linked to the four principles of the EYFS and our parents and colleagues believe that this is what makes us different.

Our values can be broken down into three main principles that our nurseries adhere to ensuring we consistently provide all children with premium care and education.

Democracy - We take into the consideration the views of our Children, Parent's and Members in the way we run Little Dreams.

Openness - At Little Dreams, we encourage trust, everyone is able to share their views and we appreciate any and all contributions. We encourage all children to be open, honest and fair.

Equality - We treat equality very highly and appreciate the qualities that each child brings to the nursery, keeping in mind that all children are different but will always be treated equally and fairly.