Healthy Minds & Bodies

We know that healthy minds go hand in hand with healthy bodies; to get the right things out you need to make sure you’re putting the right things in and that’s why we place so much importance on giving our children wholesome, nutritious snacks and meals. All our meals, as well as snacks, are included in our nursery fees.

We produce fresh meals every day and include foods from all cultural backgrounds, providing children with familiar foods as well as introducing them to new ones broadening their experiences of the wider world.

Education is key to our philosophy and it doesn’t stop at mealtimes. Our children are encouraged to be as independent as possible and are provided with cutlery dependent on their individual development, they are given free reign to do as much as they want whether that be making choices about what food they eat, pouring a drink, buttering toast or simply being enabled to feed themselves.

We believe that mealtimes should be social, happy times where new skills can be developed and new foods tasted and experienced.


Our nutritionally balanced menus ensure our children are raring to go every day! Planned with growing children in mind, our seasonal menus are healthy and well-balanced always including a variety of colour, textures and flavours ensuring our children enjoy their mealtimes and leave the table with happy, full tummies.

Children are unlikely to take in more energy than they need if they are offered a range of healthy meals and snacks that meet the food and drink guidelines.  We have ensured that there are not too many fatty or sugary meals on our menus and we use fruit to sweeten our desserts where possible, trying to avoid artificial sweeteners.

Fruits provide energy (calories) and essential nutrients such as calcium and iron when included as part of a healthy and balanced diet.


Babies grow more rapidly in their first year than at any other time so we understand the importance of making sure they get the right amount of what they need to keep them healthy and happy.

We know babies are suckers for routine so you can rest assured we’ll follow whatever you do at home, we will even store and prepare bottles of your expressed milk if you’re breast feeding. Alternatively we have dedicated milk kitchens in our nurseries and do supply formula milk if parent's provide us with it.

When your baby is ready to start the exciting weaning period from milk to solids we can give you advice and ensure food at nursery echoes the experiences you are providing at home. Your baby will be entering a whole new world of taste and eating is one of the great joys of life so we ensure they get the same privileges as the older children in a dedicated menu – get ready to get messy!